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Welcome to the only site you will ever need to find the latest deals for your Delmarva Business. Here at, we are pleased to offer you a variety of options for your online shopping needs. Many products and Services can now be ordered online for much better prices. You can still expect the same high quality products and customer service  you would find at a traditional store. However, the internet sales model allows for better deals and often savings on sales tax and free shipping.

Delmarva Deals began over five years ago( as Delmarva Discounts) offering residential and small business savings on long distance telephone products. In 2000, we licensed the use of a patented tool to develop the "Delmarva Best Rate Calculator" This calculator uses your phone number and calling needs to determine the lowest bills (including fees) available.  Times have changed and there are now many different phone services including Wireless, Bundled ( like MCI The Neighborhood), and even Broadband VOIP solutions. We still offer the best deals on Delmarva on traditional phone service as well as providing newer alternatives.

Delmarva Deals has expanded to offer services specifically tailored to the needs of local business. We strive to be the premier online shopping destination for Delmarva area residents and businesses. offers competitive deals on Business Landline and Wireless Phone Service, VOIP (Broadband Phone) for Business, Business DSL , T1 Line Voice and Data Service, Toll Free Calling, Business Stationery and Office Products, Business Travel, and more. We are always looking for reliable partners to add new offerings.

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